Black Pearls for Black Friday

Black Pearls for Black Friday

Have you ever wondered how black pearls are formed? This dark gemstone has a unique history with its symbolism being rooted in natural rarity and good fortune. Learning to wear black pearls will up your fashion game this season and many more to come.

Everything You Need to Know About Black Pearls

The mystical black pearl is not as colorless as it seems, with a changeable metal luster that makes its sheen appear blends of green, gold, pink, lavender, and blue from various angles.

Before the recent technique of farming cultured pearls, black pearls were rare and expensive because oysters rarely produced naturally black pearls. Now black pearls are available at much more affordable prices so that anyone can enjoy their bold and mysterious beauty.

How Black Pearls Are Formed

If a white pearl oyster has black coloring in its nacre (1 in 10,000 chance), it will create a pearl that looks black. That’s because pearls always get their color from the inside of the shells they grow in.

Natural black pearls are formed when a piece of sand gets stuck in the body of a Black-Lipped Oyster, which features a thick black inner shell (called the nacre). If a pearl forms near that layer of black, it will suck up that coloring. The closer the pearl is to the lips of the oyster, the darker it will be. Some pearls can appear silver or gray.

Black Pearl Myths and Symbolism

Depending on the origin of the myth or the culture it comes from, the mysterious black pearl can symbolize many things. Generally, black pearls have been symbols of wealth and prosperity because of their rarity and incredible value.

Ancient Chinese mythology imagined black pearls formed within the heads of dragons and considered the black pearl a symbol of wisdom.

Black pearls have even appeared in religious symbolism such as the tale of Adam and Eve first being cast out of Paradise, weeping in sorrow and thus creating a lake of pearls. Eve’s tears were white and plentiful, while Adam’s were black and more rare, thus explaining the rarity of the black pearl.

A romantic Polynesian legend describes the magic of the moon reflecting in the dark ocean water, attracting black Tahitian oysters to its surface, and bestowing them with shimmering hues of green, gold, blue, lavender, and pink.

Black pearls have been considered lucky charms that protect their owner from negative energy and embody the strong willed. They’ve also been associated with healing powers, cupid, royalty, and gifts of God.

How to Wear Black Pearls

Black pearls are very trendy right now because they are unique and make a statement. It’s not every day that you see someone wearing black pearl, right? Black pearls are bold and recommended for real go-getters. However, they aren’t meant to be flashy— black pearls are dignified, artistic, and alluring.

Here are some fun ways to wear black pearl:


You can use them as a dark accent to bold patterns or soft colors like pink .


Match black pearl earrings with your little black dress and show them off with an up-do hair style.

Try wearing soft, cream-colored clothing with black pearls as an accent.

Use black pearls in contrast to metallics.

Try layering black pearls over dark clothing. If pulled off correctly, this gothic combination can look demure and sophisticated.

Bonus tip: Layer your black pearls with other necklaces. Your other beautiful jewelry will create a dazzling backdrop for your pearls to stand out and shine.

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