Alexis’s Heirloom Pearl Necklace Chapter 15: The Wedding

Alexis’s Heirloom Pearl Necklace Chapter 15: The Wedding

This is the fifteenth chapter in the story of Alexis, her ancestors, and the heirloom pearl necklace that is handed down from one generation to the next. If you haven’t read the previous chapters yet, click here


Alexis puts her hands on the now-familiar wooden box where she keeps the pearls her grandmother gave her. It’s the big day! Downstairs she can hear people rushing, pots clanging and Max’s grandmother shouting instructions to caterers and workers. All of this for our wedding, Alexis thinks. I can’t believe it’s finally here.

Once she and Max had decided on the venue – his grandmother’s estate – the wedding fever really took hold of her. They planned every detail to center around family and coziness: an intimate winter wedding ceremony in the house, with only their closest friends and family. And then the reception moves to his grandmother’s glass greenhouse. It’s the perfect setting: Marjorie had the massive greenhouse installed to be able to grow exotic tropical orchids. So not only is there enough space for dancing, but when it’s freezing outside – as it is right now – it’s warm and cozy in the greenhouse, while still having a view of the frozen lake and winter wonderland outside. Of course, Marjorie, a big fan of dramatic occasions and grand gestures, insisted on having a fireplace installed for the wedding. So tonight, as the snow falls outside, they’ll be drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, dancing in the light of hundreds of fairy lights and relaxing on several couches she had delivered for the day, in front of a roaring fireplace.

Alexis looks down at her dress. Grandma would have loved it, she thinks a little sadly, taking out the string of pearls. She chose a modern, vintage-inspired look so that she could wear the pearls: a long-sleeved, tight-fitting stretch lace bodice with a long, full skirt of the softest tulle she’s ever touched. The tulle has a slight shimmer that catches the light, like the Milky Way got caught in the dress.

Carefully, deliberately, and with a happy glow, she ties the clasp at her neck. She touches the pearls briefly and gives probably the hundredth of a thousand smiles of the day. I can’t go wrong with grandma’s pearls around my neck, she thinks, remembering her grandmother’s sweet wedding letter and the message it carried: that there’s no need to fear bumps in the road, because marriage is like a pearl. The more challenges you face together, the more beautiful and meaningful the relationship becomes.

Of course, the other guests won’t know this. They’ll think she’s wearing pearls for all the other reasons pearls go so well with weddings – they are known to be the very symbol of purity and femininity and are associated with Venus, the goddess of love. And that’s how Alexis decided on the very last detail she finalized for the day: the wedding favors. Each guest will receive a tiny box at their seat. Inside it is a single freshwater pearl with a note from the happy couple:

“Thank you for bearing witness to our wedding today. May this pearl always remind you of the happy memories we make tonight, as well as this: A pearl is the product of hard work, dedication and love – just like long-lasting, meaningful relationships.”

Alexis’s mother touches her shoulder gently.

“Honey, are you ready? The makeup artist is here.”

She turns, beaming at her mom, the tulle dress rustling around her legs. “I am.”


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