Pearl Grades: how many As? AAA, AA, or a Simple A?

Pearl Grades: how many As? AAA, AA, or a Simple A?

Pearls, the symbol of sophistication and exclusiveness are found in different shapes, styles, colors and value. This determines the price attached to a pearl and to actually do justice with the value of a pearl, it is recommended to trade with those who know what the pearl’s actual value is. Mostly people are not the experts of gauging the pearl’s quality and thus there are certain quality grades one must know about when buying a pearl.

First and foremost being the AAAAA grade of pearl which is virtually the flawless pearl. Basically AAAAA and AAAA grades are created for perfect round shape pearls, and the main difference is their surface.

For AAA round pearls, surface luster in such a pearl is very high and 95% of surface will be free from any defect. AAAAA is the highest quality of pearl known and is expensive and exclusive, while AAA is the highest quality of non-round shape pearls. The lower grade of AAA pearls is the AA+ quality of the pearl which has a surface having a very high luster and at least 75% of the surface will be free from any type of defect. This is slightly cheap in its monetary value and quality. Finally the third one is an A grade pearl which is the lowest jewelry-grade pearl, with low surface luster and/or more than 25% of the surface showing defects.

Overall, there is no international standard set for the quality of pearl but the retailers and distributors have formulated the grade systems themselves which are widely accepted and practiced all along. The bigger names in the industry that have knowledge about the precious aquatic gemstone are the only ones who know the actual value of a pearl. Mostly retailers do not keep anything less than the AA quality of pearl, however, in some cases; they do sell the AA+ in the price value of a AAA. So, it is always advisable to pick and choose the most trusted sources for your purchases.

Overall, luster, size, shape, color and surface of the pearl determines the value that it holds; however, sometimes size is of lesser importance and the value gauging factors primarily concern with the luster, nacre and color of the pearl. We believe to provide the best quality of pearl at its actual price for our customers here at timeless pearls so that they could add an exclusive tinge to their best moments. Pearl is never unaffordable; it is just that the right person knows the true value of a pearl. They are in the purchasing range of a common man too just that they should know the exact grading system and value of a pearl to pick up the choicest option for them in the right value that they pay for.

Happy Pearling!